Asahi SION Blue

This guide wire is based on the SION TECC technology (composite core + 15 braided wires). Major advantages of this technology include precise 1:1 torque, steerability, durability and resilience. The guide wire has hybrid coating on the distal tip (1.5 cm silicone (hydrophobic)) and hydrophilic SLIP-COAT® coating covering 18.5 cm towards the proximal end of the device, which allows it to enter into the lesion and cross it with minimal damage to the vessel.

Comfort of use and efficacy

The SION TECC technology ensuring excellent support, flexibility, maneuverability, and penetration, enables catheter advancement deeper into the distal part of the vessel, without the need for device exchange.

Safety of the patient and the procedure

The guide wire tip smoothly tracks into lesion anatomy. The tapered core is made of a single steel wire, which increases torqueability, and the braided tube allows for improved penetration of the distal end of the vessel. Operators may choose an appropriate tip shape, as needed.