CRE8 Evo is a coronary sirolimus-eluting polymer-free stent with Carbofilm coating to improve endothelial healing.

The stent is recommended for patients with diabetes. Results of the SUGAR study showed that CRE8 EVO implantation was associated with reduced rates of cardiac death, recurrent target vessel myocardial infarctions and target lesion failures (TLFs).

Comfort of use and safety

Innovative and well-designed stent construction and its new delivery system with a high-pressure balloon ensure improved work comfort. The stent has radiopaque markers enabling its appropriate positioning, which results in improved comfort and security during procedures involving the double-stent method and bifurcations.

Efficacy and effectiveness

High radial force in combination with the Amphilimus Formulation and BIS coating guarantees long-term treatment outcomes. The polymer-free technology and passive-carbon layer (BIS coating) result in efficient and quick endothelial healing following stent implantation, which may reduce the duration of anticoagulation and antiplatelet (DAPT) therapy. Optimal radial force of 1.48 atm (21.76 PSI) ensures solid vessel support by the stent, while maintaining physiological conditions.